One Heart Coaching

George Marino offers an Integral and holistic framework connecting mind, body, soul and spirit in a nature-based inspired journey of Presence, Discovery, Realizations, Wisdom, Healing and Integration into daily life.

George Marino

Meet George Marino

“Many Paths, One Heart—The Joy of Being and Returning Home”

I am a Certified Professional Coach, which means I have been trained with the highest standards in the coaching industry to engage with clients in a partnership that maximizes their personal and professional potential. I incorporate an integral-holistic- Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit and Nature-inspired journey of discovery, insights, connection and integration.

Meet George Marino

Life Coaching NYC

Illuminating The Wholeness of Each Unique Individual

I help people embrace the gift and grace of who they are as Life, Heart, Love and Presence. Tapping into innate, creative intelligence from a space of openness and connectedness, clients become aligned with all aspects of Being. They return home aligned with the fullness of Life.

Illuminating The Wholeness