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About George Marino

My Coaching Philosophy

I am a Certified Professional Coach, which means I have been trained with the highest standards in the coaching industry to engage with clients in a partnership that maximizes their personal and professional potential. I incorporate a Integral-Holistic Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit and Nature-inspired journey of discovery, insights, connection and integration.

I see each individual as a unique expression of creativity and wisdom. With a stable, calm and humble nature, I open from the Heart and listen deeply in awareness, sharing observations by naming what is present and ask opened-ended questions that lead to infinite possibilities.

My Early Moving Out of My Comfort Zone

At an early age I discovered the gift of moving out of my comfort zone, despite its risks and challenges. Each time I overcame obstacles and side-stepped the inherent conditioning of my culture and community.

This gift initially manifested at the age of 12 as a member of a grade-school basketball league where I teamed up with a neighbor. Despite community messages not to be friends with this neighbor, let alone be teammates, I decided to face my uneasiness and engage with him as my teammate. As a team, together with the other players and coach, we grew to display great care, friendship and support and captured the title in more ways than one.

This early experience of moving out of my comfort zone was enhanced further as a member of my high school basketball team when I was “cut” from the team senior year. This was a traumatic event for me. I found unwavering emotional support from my JV Coach and was able to move out of my comfort zone and step forward without organized team basketball. This coach had an enduring impact on me as a human being. Thirty years later I sought him out to tell him how much his reaching out meant to me. With grace in my heart, a few years later, I thanked the varsity coach for making the right decision to cut me, as it ultimately granted me greater freedom of expression.

Moving out of my comfort zone during this period led me into new and open territory. I found guidance from an internal compass of creativity, strength and connection rather than the rigid constraints of school and a restrictive community and societal system. After basketball, it was nature, poetry, literature and even accounting which presented challenges and growth, filled with satisfaction and joy. Moving out of my comfort zone during this period was an early sign and gift. Once it took hold in me, there was no going back.

However, I have encountered many obstacles and pulls to turn back to what was familiar which have provided many opportunities to move out of my comfort zone again and again. All human beings, if they choose to grow and conditions permit, will move out of their comfort zone. This evolutionary process continues as long as there is no inner resistance (holding onto that which is comforting and familiar, including suffering itself) and by transcending yet including that which came before. I support this journey out of the comfort zone and into new territory as clients discover the gifts of presence, mindfulness and sacred doing.

Transcending Anxiety

In addition to the challenges of moving beyond my comfort zone, I also faced high levels of anxiety, tension, panic and dread. Despite experiencing intermittent periods of success and happiness, this was usually followed with a sense of intense anxiety, fear and even panic attacks at times on a daily basis. My clients sometimes have these feelings and together we navigate these emotions with mindful-attention and compassion.

My first episode started at Pace University in Manhattan where I was fully embracing new walks of life and backgrounds after my previous restrictive cultural surroundings. I was focused on my studies and gained a sense of direction in business, accounting and the arts, while finding satisfaction with work and my social life. However, a distressing sense of anxiety, tension, panic and dread that I tried to hide began to show itself.

This followed into my early thirties. After a divorce, I made the bold leap and moved to Manhattan which led to a journey full of questions, more uncharted territory, and adventure to embrace life anew. Once again, I delighted in diverse cultural experiences, the beauty of Central Park (my second home), and Salsa dancing. Yet the anxiety returned daily; this time more intense than before, even though I found the love of my life which brought meaning to my soul.

Talk therapy was helpful, but I found limitations in that process that was still holding me back from true freedom. Although helpful, no amount of positive thinking was going to eradicate my dilemma. Problem solving, strategizing and trying to figure things out were not producing answers. Neither goal setting or action plans circumvented or resolved the issue. I was ready to meet and face my own disconnect. What came before was not a predictor for what was coming NOW!

One day in 2006, in a state of anxiety and dread, I was browsing in a bookstore. I noticed a book called the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I thought to myself, as I held the book in my hands "that is a strange title. I never heard of that before, let alone no one really teaches this in school, institutions or in mainstream culture that the Now has Power.” Rather I pondered that most of us have come to believe that the future is what matters most and the past is what makes us who we are today. Stepping way out of my comfort zone that day, I purchased the book. It was these teachings and practices which lifted me up and out of my daily acute anxiety and panic. I discovered my center of wholeness and ripeness that led to embracing Life, Heart and Love always, not as a belief but as a direct realization. I reconnected to Presence—a little bit like those early days playing basketball—in freedom, joy and connected with nature. As the teachings of Presence began to resonate with me more fully, I felt this underlying sense of connection with something bigger which has never left me. It is a very peaceful state—to be noticed—even in the background whenever challenges arise around me. Paradoxically, it has taken time to integrate this shift in consciousness more fully into my daily life situations. Sometimes, Presence and mindfulness becomes obscured by abstract or absorbed thinking or by the remnants of the emotional pain body. But mostly this distraction and pain become invitations to kindly return to present-moment awareness, mindfulness practice and inner body work and attention. This is the place where I meet my clients. They too sometimes have these feelings and, together, we navigate these emotions with presence, mindful-attention and compassion.

Other Influences in My Life

I have been a frequency holder of this active and alive Presence energy inherent in the Now for the last twelve years. I have attended international retreats with Eckhart Teachings and visited sacred sites around the world. Most importantly, I practice this in my daily life. I love participating in numerous mindfulness workshops and teachings. I listen, heal and restore with the original Aramaic language of Jesus as expressed in the Beatitudes. Listening with Aramaic ears, these teachings provide me an inner body-based pathway to alignment with the Eternal Now, Presence and Source within, where all creativity, wisdom and wholeness reside. I also have learned from other Eastern and Western Mindfulness teachers including meditation sessions, workshops and online courses where I have met many like-hearted friends. I deeply honor all traditions as well as people on a path without a tradition and so the coaching embraces Many Paths, One Heart.

I continue to enjoy my work as an accountant having started my CPA firm from scratch. It has afforded me many opportunities to work informally with people in a helping capacity. I have discovered a world of difference in relating to people from a state of presence rather than from conditioned responses I had learned from my earlier surroundings (in school and the business world) which were often negative, out of balance and judgmental. I bring this sense of Presence and possibility to my client relationships. I find present-moment awareness and mindfulness practice to be the key to the unexpected benefits of softening, deepening and strengthening.

Moving Out of the Comfort Zone—From a Different Place

I decided to embark on a program to become a Life Coach in a helping capacity with this deep sense of joy and gratitude in order to do more for people and to connect one-on-one with people in a co-creative environment.

Listening to inner wisdom I discovered that working one-on-one with individuals, small groups, businesses and not-for-profit organizations is how I can best serve in the world. I chose to acquire additional formal training and entered an accredited program by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at Leadership That Works entitled “Coaching for Transformation.” The training took place in part at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. I received a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation in May 2018. I embrace the paradox that I don’t feel ready or confident in the traditional sense for this work, but a state-of-acceptance and stepping-out-of-the-way creates an opening for what might be possible for me and my clients.

In advancing the training, I am also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (CMMT) after successfully completing a thorough accredited training program through Mindfulness Exercises in May 2019. I teach evidence – based mindfulness meditation practices for enhancing people’s mental health, resilience and well- being.

Many Paths, One Heart—The Joy of Being and Returning Home—Now and Now and Now…

I currently work with individual private clients and businesses, as well as immigrants, and volunteer at detention centers and jails. I continue to practice as a CPA in New York City. I, too, have a professional certified coach who coaches me in order to enhance my continued growth and development both personally and professionally.

I coach clients who feel stuck in their life situation or who are in transition. I help people who feel anxious and worried on a daily basis and are experiencing difficult emotions and/or compulsive thinking and feel trapped in their life situation. This may be at work, in relationships, about finances and money, health issues, community and recreation. These clients typically have reached a point where they want to change, to grow and to develop. They feel compelled to follow their internal compass and to integrate that direction into daily life in a new map of discovery and exploration. Our journey is a Leap of Trust, guided by Life itself into continued uncharted territory. I am thoroughly committed to helping people who want to reach the other shore through a journey of wonder, delight, laughter and gratitude.

I am a compassionate witness that facilitates individuals to inhabit fully the gift and grace of their mind, body, soul and spirit in a nature-inspired journey. By aligning with all aspects of their being, embodying wholeness, it feels like returning home—The Joy of Being. My clients often take away from a session (1) a renewed sense of calmness, (2) a heightened sense of alignment with their goals and aspirations, and (3) a reorientation as to what is important to them, reinforced with accountability.

Dedicated to facilitating the growth, evolution and integration of consciousness, I continue to reach within to the One Heart in a coaching partnership to help bring out our inherent personal and professional potential.

Certifications, Certificates and Work Experience:

  • Certificate of Completion 2021, Inner-MBA- Conscious Leadership, New York University’s-Mindful NYU
  • Certificate of Completion 2019, Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (CMMT), 2019, Mindfulness Exercises
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) 2018, Leadership That Works, through Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) 2009
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 1984, State of New York
  • Over 20 years as Owner of CPA and Financial Consulting firm in New York City with a niche in the healthcare industry. Provide accounting, tax, financial planning, organizational development and training services for businesses and individuals.

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough". Meister Eckhart

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