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The Awakening Process

I help create an open, expansive space for deep listening so people can connect with their own creativity and Life purpose. I am a travel partner and accompany clients on a voyage into the vastness of Heart. One step at a time, I journey with the person whose fears and conditioning keep them from making the changes they deeply yearn for. I ferry with them in Oneness to new places where the going is sometimes rough... places they dread to go alone... places that need attention and polishing to be seen with new eyes.

On the other shore is a vast island. The ferry comes into the dock and the person steps ashore with a renewed and healthy sense of self and a newfound ability to clear a path and manifest from this awareness. For me, the joy of this work is in being in the Now with people, reflecting back the light and unique being they already are. This mirroring back of inherent potential allows the person to embrace themselves in love and gratitude and, acting from that place, to realize their goals and aspirations in the world.

There is an old saying that consciousness is like a container of water. If you take a tablespoon of salt and place it in a small container, say, the size of an espresso cup, the water most certainly will be too salty to drink. But if your container is much larger---say it is capable of holding many, many gallons of water—the same tablespoon of salt, now placed into this vast amount of liquid, will taste fresh. Same water, same salt; simply a different ratio, and the experience of drinking is totally different.

Consciousness is like that. When we learn to cultivate our capacity for being aware, the quality of our life and the strength of our mind are enhanced.

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. “ Aware- The Science and Practice of Presence”

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