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By George Marino, CPA March 8, 2024

Dentists get toothaches, plumbers have leaky faucets, basketball players miss free throws, and an accountant’s checkbook does not balance. None of these are mistakes, just opportunities to learn, fix, and move on with awareness. And so it is also true regarding our relationships with money and work.

Something has to shake you, deplete you, and exhaust you before your ego reveals its fragility in real time. That is why many of us are questioning what money and work are all about. Mindfulness helps us to become aware of our relationships with money, and nowhere does that become more evident than when our pseudo senses of security, power, and prestige are threatened. In other words, when ego takes over. For this reason, shadow work is vital. Do you want to be successful and powerful? Your shadow likely wants the opposite! Once we come to terms with this dynamic in the psyche, we can hold both sides with equanimity and compassion and be more fully authentic with ourselves and others. The phrase “work smarter and not harder” does not mean “find solutions quicker.” Rather, it points to a transformed work ethic based in mindful awareness that has been mostly kept secret. However, there are some good signs on the horizon to further this transformation.

Some people choose to leave mainline careers in search of work that is more authentic to them. Others have started to join conscious groups to discover more about themselves and find meaning in an open and non-judgmental way. Misaligned work and our relationship to money affect the soul. We are starting to see a shift toward more conscious business. I have given examples of accountants throughout this book that made such a shift from being based totally in their thinking mind to being based in awareness.

Accountants have a unique relationship with money since our professional work is about accounting for money, although we don’t often view our work in those terms. You do not have to leave the accounting profession to practice presence and make mindfulness your home, as I have illustrated. Business needs mindful accountants infinitely more than most people imagine. Still, you will not see a post for an accounting job that includes “mindful accountant wanted” in its description, at least not yet. Sadly, mainstream business is mostly uncomfortable with mindful employees who are present and awake primarily because the leaders themselves are mostly unconscious. Just walk into most offices or watch most Zoom meetings with a group of business leaders.

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