Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Daily Presence Pauses

Daily Presence PausesBy George Marino CPC, CMMT September 22nd, 2021

In Shakespeare’s comedy classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lysander tells Hermia, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” In Hermia’s case, love is plagued by indifference. In other words, distractions and the wandering mind have taken hold of her. In Shakespeare’s play, even when love is mutual and seemingly based on a clear vision, it is often hampered by external conditions. In these instances, the characters are not practicing the essence of love. They are not mindfully present. They can’t distinguish the difference between their life situation and life. They are completely unconscious.

Love and Work

As you may guess by now, when blending love and accounting, I am not referring to the fact that you love your work as an accountant. If that is the case for you, it is secondary. Rather, the primary focus is the practice of the essence of love. We will now move into some practices to help you tend to and sustain the essence of love in your accounting work.

Attention is fundamental in the essence of love. Without attention, there can be no true and abiding love. Attention is throughout the body. How can you maintain focus on attention during the workday, at least periodically? In my experience, mindfulness has helped me in four main areas:

  • Attention regulation
  • Body awareness
  • Emotional regulation
  • A shift in identity and sense of self

All day, most of us are in an endless stream of doing. In a presence pause, we step away from autopilot and connect to our breath (or another portal into presence that resonates with you, such as sense perceptions, inner body awareness, or stillness). You sense into the feeling of your breath in your body. When you do this with attention, you are present. In this simple practice of a presence pause, you will find increasing clarity, calmness, and creativity. You are a mindful professional doing the work of your profession.