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How To Get Started With Coaching

By George V. Marino, CPC

Most coaches offer an introductory session in order for you to have a taste of what coaching is all about. It also allows the coach and the client to see if they are a good fit. During this initial session, the client comes to the session with an idea about what they want to achieve from the coaching process and to get a sense as to whether or not the coach can help them. During this no-obligation introductory session, the client receives coaching on any issue of his/her choosing.

For the coach, the session provides an opportunity to look beyond the immediate pain, problems or symptoms and provide a glimpse of the prospective client’s core issues and core values. From this place, the coach can help them discover underlying longings and aspirations. This provides a basis from which the client can take a step back and look at their core, connect to heart and thereby tend to themselves and their own solutions.

Essentially, the introductory session is a highly focused meeting in which the coach can discover what the prospective client really wants out of coaching. This approach naturally leads to the best fit for both parties in the coaching relationship.
The coach will be offering to the prospective client much more than a taste of coaching. He will be providing a deeper understanding of what the client want and what’s stopping him/her. The client has a window opened to begin to lay a foundation and plan to create a life to love. This is far more powerful than helping a client resolve an internal conflict or address some immediate or specific concern. By looking at the big picture, the coach offers a vision of what they’ve been searching for, something really worth investing in. In summary, the introductory session helps people experience empowering questions, get a taste of the difference coaching can make, connect with the heart, get clarity about their desired goals, determine if they want to work with the coach and take the next step.

If the parties decide to move forward , the coach will explain the next steps including logistics such as fees, hours per month, length of sessions, phone, zoom, Skype or in-person meetings, homework and email communication. Once these pieces are established, the next session will be what is referred to as the discovery session.

In a discovery session which is typically a longer than usual session, additional groundwork takes place so that the coaching starts out on the proper footing. Both parties create a conscious relationship based on mutual respect, openness, trust and honesty. They work out agreements and understandings as to how to be with each other such as support, making requests, challenges and what is needed for the coaching to thrive, or should frustration, anger or discouragement arise. The discovery session is an opportunity to make an emphatic connection, connect with the client’s deepest yearnings and allow the client the space to express what they want the coach to know about him/her, which is the basis for the entire process.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Why not schedule your free introductory session today with a coach? See if coaching can help you.

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