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Listening at the Heart Level

Listening at the heart levelBy George Marino CPC, CMMT

In your work, intend a desire to genuinely know people. You want to know what is going on inside people, the things that are unique about them, having a sense that is keenly aware and knows that others have needs, aspirations, fears, and frustrations. You’ll ask about their lives and who they are rather than covertly dominating over them and not deeply listening. You can do this because you do the same for yourself.

This type of listening is connecting at the heart level. We can hear truth, much more so than we can think truth. In addition, you will want to have a mindset that is more accurate in the ways you engage with others at work. In doing so, you are likely to practice the essence of love, wanting to understand the other by asking: What is really important to you? How can I be of assistance to you?

On the other hand, unhealthy people will see you and your work as functional and possess a merchant mentality. They can’t see your essence, sadly, because they can’t see their own. That is where you will need to set boundaries. This type of person will have a mindset of neediness, grasping praiseworthiness and linking you to their own goals and achievements. “If you do this for me, then I will do this for you” is the mindset. There is much fear going on inside this person that is keenly covered up.

Healthy love is anchored in the concept of freedom. When a loving person engages with you at work or in your personal life, they will want you to feel free and be who you are as you learn and discover yourself in its fullness, rather than conform to what they say you need to be. A loving person will have a healthy attitude when conflict arises and will want to talk to you directly and hear you out concerning any differences. Mindfulness will help you discern these situations with new insights and practical ways to solve them.

I help people who may be experiencing conflicts at work or in their personal life with evidence –based mindfulness tools and practices in a discovery process that build resilience, self- trust and peace.

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