Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness at Work Questionnaire for Professionals

Mindfulness At WorkBy George Marino CPC, CMMT March 11, 2022

The following represent a sample “mindfulness at work” questionnaire that corresponds with the themes discussed in Beyond Balancing the Books. Individuals or groups might look at their attitudes toward mindfulness by answering the questions and sharing their answers. This dialogue can stimulate openness and curiosity, leading to fruitful searching.

1) How do I experience my authentic self at work as a professional?

  • When and under what conditions?
  • How frequently?
  • How can that be enhanced?
  • How does this relate to my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and physical sensations?

2) How do I create, notice, and nurture inner space before I think?

  • When and under what conditions?
  • How frequently?
  • How can this be enhanced?
  • How does this relate to my sense of peace and joy in my work?

3) How does noticing my automatic, repetitive patterns of reaction simplify my work?

  • How does listening shape my interactions? Is there space?
  • How am I humble at work?
  • What gets in the way from working with ease, lightness, and simplicity?

4) How does my work go Beyond Balancing the Books?

  • Is my work a role that the universe is asking of me?
  • What is mysterious about my work?
  • How is my work related to the one-heart work of the universe?
  • How do I integrate the human and being dimensions in my work?
  • How do I account for what really counts—living and working with meaning and purpose?

What is most important to me at work?

Taking a moment to write your answers on paper or on a screen can help bring up essential core needs and values that might have been sidestepped in the busyness of the day. As I point out in the book, mindfulness is not something you “do,” rather it is already there within you as “true nature.” It is not necessary to “believe” this at any level.

I help people who are in a career and/or personal transition within the framework of Presence practice to live a life they love!