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Money and Art as Meditation

Money and Art as MeditationBy George Marino, CPC, CMMT

When you are distressed and feeling sad about your financial situation, it can be helpful to tap into the right brain in some creative pursuit. I like to write poems, which are mostly about the natural world with spiritual themes. I have also participated in workshops where other forms of art such as drawing, painting, and vision boards are used to tap into the creative impulse.

Why not try art as meditation when there is some financial or other issue in your life for which you seek guidance? Diving into art allows you to enter a meditative state where relaxation and creativity can thrive. You will release emotions and thoughts through the creative process and relieve stress that facilitates problem solving using all your skills in financial matters. Here is an outline of the steps you can take in processing money matters in the right brain while enjoying one of your own selected forms of art to do so.

  • Select a location conducive to exploration that is meaningful to you. I like outside in nature, sitting in a chair, with a view of a lake and birds. I have done this inside in an empty room and also at my apartment. Have all the tools for your trade at hand. For me, it is a notebook, a pencil, and some colored pens.
  • Release any anxiety still lingering, especially the old gramophone record in your head that says you can’t do this.
  • Whatever your craft, don’t think about what you have seen professional artists or writers do. There is no need to imitate anyone.
  • Follow your own intuition on how best to proceed as well as when to add to your work, take breaks, and stop.
  • Leave the analytical thinking mind in your office and avoid overanalyzing your work, especially if it feels forced or is causing you some stress. You are exploring and activating your creative side. You will have some rough patches, and there will be days when you feel tired and want to stop. Be compassionate to yourself and give yourself that space.
  • Think about colors. What colors make you think about yourself and your life? Which colors reflect your mood and your emotions? You can even use your body as an outline to sketch feelings and sensations abstractly.
  • Don’t forget your dreams and their symbols, which can be a rich basket for your creative impulse.
  • Just start scribbling, writing, or whatever your craft might be and get started. Then see what happens.

Let your art be your best description of the universe using your right brain. Our right brains have similarities with a child before the conceptual thinking mind took over and started labeling everything, thereby coloring the child’s perception. Who then could possibly criticize your work as you yourself become a little bit like that child again? Of course, you still have your thinking mind to navigate this world for practical purposes. Think of all the encouragement coming your way as you delve into your craft. Who knows? Your art might someday land on a star in another galaxy, uniting spheres of influence as an artwork of liberation. So, light the lantern in you, and let the muscles in your arm guide the light and your craft, creating rich deposits in your spirit.

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