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Managing Anger: Off Balance Sheet Awareness

Showing HumilityBy: George Marino CPC, CMMT April 20, 2023

Sometimes, an automatic response can be fueled by anger. This comes up at work often enough, especially during stressful times like busy season. The first step is to understand the anger at its root. It is not often thought about in a positive way, anger is actually the emotion of self-preservation through which you wish to maintain your sense of worth, legitimate needs, and fundamental convictions. At its core, anger has a high purpose and reasonable function when managed properly. Unhealthy management of anger consists of suppression and either being openly or passively aggressive. On the other hand, being assertive and standing up for your dignity, needs, and convictions while showing civility to others is a healthy form of managing anger.

In addition, letting go of any anger in its own time with awareness and kind attention frees you in so many ways. If you experience anger when confronted with multiple deadlines and little room to finish, mindfulness helps you to pause for a second and devote attention to the experience of anger. By giving attention to the emotion and staying connected to the experience, the chance of reacting impulsively is reduced. This off balance sheet approach to anger paradoxically enhances your self-worth and long term equity position! I have done this on many occasions, and each time anger is managed in this way it brings about a strengthening—an inner resilience and a peaceful joy. You could say that you are taking a break to allow some consciousness into your working life. Ultimately, the reaction that follows will be guided by a conscious choice, not an automatic reaction.

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