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The Power of Visualization

By George Marino CPC, CMMT
May 27, 2020

Setting Your Goals MindfullyOne of the mindfulness practices that I have found to be most helpful is to employ the power of visualization. This can be done anywhere and at any time and is particularly beneficial when experiencing challenging emotions—like sadness or boredom, for example. The foundation for this practice is to be fully present in the Now. As you begin, it may be helpful to practice this when you are alone or out in nature. Then, gradually practice wherever you may be.

In connecting to the Now you begin to realize that everything you ever wanted or dreamed about has already manifested to you in the Now as a full recognition of who you are and of all that is necessary and true in your life. This is not a trick of the mind or some mere fantasy. Deep down in this moment is the fullness of being—who you are in your essence. This is the first step in the creative process and manifesting what you desire.

The great ancient teachers have pointed towards this same practice but were mostly misunderstood. Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.” That’s simply it, provided your desire is aligned with universal intelligence which always wants the best for you. The good news is that this is a continuous practice in the present moment. It is also important that you do this at times when there really isn’t anything you desire or want, but rather the practice is done in a state of gratitude. The Now and authentic thankfulness, kindness and gratitude are the same here as you rest in the deep Now as your natural state. It is very helpful to remember that your life is never not Now! So, you are returning to your true nature with this practice—“no-time” and “no-time” again!

“No-Time” is the Fullness of Time

Once firmly rooted in the Now, call to mind your heartfelt yearnings. Then, merge these yearnings with the Now state where everything you ever wanted has already been manifested for you. Feel deeply into the presence. Then see what happens. This magical creative process works. It works because you trust in life, which is always Now. It works because whatever you desire in this state of presence will only be what you truly need and yearn for. This is so because deep down you know that you are already whole and complete.

If you have feelings of sadness and boredom and have goals that you would like to manifest, working with a life coach can provide you an opportunity to express your yearnings in a safe space. I work with people who are experiencing various challenges in their lives and want to create a life they love.

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