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Self-Love & Mindfulness

Jumping to ConclusionsBy George Marino, CPC, CMMT December 22, 2021

In the Song of Songs, the lovers say that they are drunk on love. We are here to get drunk on the cosmos, on our existence Why not? It is a gratuitous gift, and it has taken the universe 13.8 billion years to bring us here.

A form of self-love is observing your mental chatter. In order to have great self-love and know yourself at the deepest level, you must expand the good things you feel about yourself and challenge any negative thoughts as soon as they arise, fully present and accepting things as they are right now. So, hear yourself saying:

  • When I fully love myself, I am able to fully love others.
  • Deciding to love myself is a wonderful agreement.
  • Each day, I allow my love for myself to grow increasingly.
  • I am worthy of love, and I honor the joy that comes with it.
  • Deciding to love myself unconditionally, no matter what happens, feels wonderful.
  • I feel love and respect.
  • My sense of who I am deepens as I love, especially when I do so in conflicts.
  • I love and accept everything about myself.
  • I completely and always love myself.
  • Today, I love myself more than yesterday.
  • Genuinely loving myself is easy for me.
  • The more I love myself, the better my entire well-being is.
  • I love every moment of my existence.
  • Every part of me that makes me who I am is encompassed with life, heart, and love.

Why is mindfulness such an essential ingredient in self-love? For starters, mindfulness takes us out of our thinking mind and into the realm of awareness and a deeper dimension of consciousness. Second, mindful presence evokes intuition, enabling us to genuinely respond without the veil of mental and emotional conditioning. Third, mindful presence is the foundation for all virtue and goodness within and without and an entry point to the essence of love. Once you get a taste of what mindfulness is about, you cannot go back to your former ways for any sustained period. When you taste what is Divine, there truly is no return.

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