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Setting Your Goals Mindfully

By George Marino CPC, CMMT
May 27, 2020

Setting Your Goals MindfullyStop Striving

One of the common obstacles to accessing your true nature is to look forward to a more perfect version of yourself. If you continue to wait for this- you can be sure it won’t happen. Instead of striving for your next promotion, pay raise, client acquisition, degree, relationship and so on, let go of this deep seated “striving” mindset, and go more deeply into the present moment. Be aware of the mind’s tendency to continue to strive for a better and more perfect version of yourself. Inquire into the things you may be “longing” for and whether or not it is becoming a source of suffering for you. If this moment is unsatisfactory or unpleasant to you, make it a practice to simply accept things the way they are. From this vantage point, you may find it easier to move into a more friendly relationship to your experience. This is vital and will change everything for you. From this place, set your goals with your primary attention on the step you are taking now, knowing full well where you want to go.

If you are stressed and anxious and feel a need to set goals or to reevaluate them whether in your career or personal life, I offer coaching on these and related topics.

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