Global Book Award Winner

Beyond Balancing the Books named Silver in Global Book Awards

Global Book Award for Beyong Balancing the Books

George Marino, Author September 27th, 2021

I am honored to receive a Silver in the Global Book Awards Self- Help- Personal Transformation category. When I started to write this book in April 2020, my solitary goal was to be a conduit for the words that come to me in the writing process as a help to others in their professional work and life situations. Writing is an opportunity to put my thoughts in some semblance of order and to reach out to others who simultaneously birth new thoughts in an act of mutual creation. That is mystery and awe at work in the writing process, and that is how I also feel about this award!

There is so much mystery for me in writing that has extended after publication, and this internationally recognized book award is part of the same mystery. To dissect all the joy I now feel as an author is quite challenging, other than to say thank you!”


CPA and Mindfulness Coach, George Marino takes you on a journey to discover what he calls the “3 B’s”—Beyond, Balancing, and Books. Building on the work of scientists, mystics, poets, artists, physicians, psychologists, business leaders, accountants, other professionals—and even the wisdom of trees, you will be introduced to:

  • Powerful mindfulness exercises and everyday practices you can start doing today to reconnect with your true nature
  • Ways to integrate your unique set of core values, and
  • An accounting tool that really counts when it comes to creating a satisfying and balanced life

Beyond Balancing the Books asks empowering questions that may rattle your current perceptions and assumptions. Marino guides you to discover what being a mindful professional really means—and why it is important for finding deep meaning and purpose in your professional work and personal life.

To learn more and to purchase the book click here: Beyond Balancing The Books