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A Tale of Two Professionals

The Tale of Two ProfessionalsBy George Marino CPC, CMMT March 10th, 2021

This Maslow quote appears before the introduction in my upcoming book, Beyond Balancing the Books: Sheer Mindfulness for Professionals in Work and Life. In the book’s tale of two CPAs, we meet Larry and Amy, who operate from very different spheres of consciousness. The tale takes the reader into the busy workdays of both well-established professionals as they tend to their practice of analyzing complex business matters, managing staff, and working with their clients. Most importantly, the tale brings you into their respective “inner worlds” as they observe (or don’t observe) the ambivalent, fearful, and fascinating aspects of themselves and their patterns of reactive responses.

Maslow refers to the god-like in ourselves as the underlying essence of every human being—our true nature. In the tale, we find that Amy has realized an inner connection to her deep essence, and this shows up not only in the quiet time she spends by herself but also in the workplace and her family life situations. Amy is a mindful professional.

It is also important as professionals to notice those moments when we “lose it.” What do we lose? Mindful awareness! Larry experiences constant anxiety, irritation, and complaints. These emotions and thoughts are not wrong. But when Larry steps into them, he sort of becomes them, to the extent that it affects his health, others, and the world around him in ways he is not aware of. He sidesteps his own emotional pain, often projecting it onto others. Larry is mindless.

Getting to know both the Larry and Amy aspects of ourselves helps us bring mindful awareness to work and life, as we get to know ourselves a little more.

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