Strategic Planning

The Flow of Energy

The Three Minute Breathing SpaceBy George Marino CPC, CMMT

Energy is always in motion. It never completely stands still. The nature of energy is to flow. Our pain and suffering arises when we try to stop or block this energy movement. We do this in one of two ways. First, we try to hold onto the energy that we enjoy. We want to work on certain clients or be exclusively with the people we have things in common. We want our relationships to always be the same. We want our bodies never to age. When we’re met with the inevitable, we’re surprised or upset. Second, we try to hold back energy we don’t like. We suppress, reframe, and distract ourselves from painful emotions. We are rude to people we don’t care for. We avoid certain partners or situations that cause us nervousness and fear.

All of this takes a toll on our well-being. Even in meditation, trying to hold back energy causes us frustration. We believe in the common misconception that in meditation we can stop our thoughts. We finally feel free when we stop resisting the true nature of energy. One good way to remember this is by paying attention to the continuous movement of your breath. The breath is always with us and is always energy in flux.

I help people build a life they love by connecting to their authentic voice, and from there adapt and make meaningful and sustainable change in their lives.

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