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Fire Up the Present Moment to Transform Adversity

Transform AdversityBy George Marino, CPC, CMMT April 9, 2020

During this period of containment, many of us may experience boredom either periodically or even for sustained periods. As our habits are uprooted, so too is our habit energy which may have become fixed on things being a certain way, like our daily routines. There is nothing wrong with routines, as they provide us with a sense of comfort in relationships, work, finances, family, living situations, health and wellness and social interactions.

However, when we move out of our comfort zones, as we personally and collectively are doing today, our habit energy seeks an outlet. This outlet can take the form of “negative” emotions like anger, fear, resentment, irritation, anxiety and related projections onto people, places, governments or countries. Conversely, our habit energy may take another movement towards peace, freedom and joy.

What is important to you during this period of restriction and confinement?

Most if not all of us want peace, freedom and joy, but sometimes we fall back into fear, anger and anxiety. This is normal.

How then can we consciously deal with these challenging emotions, so that we don’t allow the emotion to take over and overcome us?

I would suggest that we face these afflictions head-on in the only place we can effectively relate to the emotion—the present moment. True peace depends on freedom from our afflictions and true peace is Presence. When we get lost in the narrative of our current situation, we are living in the past or future which makes it very difficult to rid ourselves of the pain of affliction. That narrative often says “I am bored” and the “self- talk” becomes critical of people, places and situations.

In the Here and Now, we touch are afflictions with a kind and gentle focused attention, and we tap into a power to transform them into a life-healing energy. Rather than distract ourselves in various ways, we can return again and again to the present moment. We can touch the boredom within and without and view it from a different place—the here and now, both letting go of the narrative and seeing what happens.

One way to enter the Here and Now with our full attention is simply to make the present moment your ally and friend—after all; it is all you ever have. With that attitude and intention, begin to take notice of your breathing and sense perceptions on the inhale and exhale. Take three conscious breaths and notice the sounds around you—or the absence of any sounds, the silence, or even the silence underneath the sounds.

You may start to sense an opening or glimpse of clarity and insight which is wisdom. That clarity and insight has a foundation, or rock, in peace and love. So when the turbulence comes, place attention on and in the rock for true comfort. Challenging emotions and boredom can’t survive in this state; they fall away one by one or sometimes in total.

We have a visual metaphor for this process in the natural world. When a fire ignites wood, the fire reduces the wood to something small, quite unlike its former self removing from it its bulk, coldness, mass and moistness. The wood becomes more like the fire. Until the process in complete, there will remain some crackling and contention between the fire and wood. And yet, the fire or the wood is not satisfied or content with any warmth or heat or likeness until the fire has transformed the wood and has conveyed its own true nature in the wood so they become One. In other words, when all the differences have been faced in the present moment with the light of awareness, there is stillness, peace, freedom and joy. One Life, One Heart, One Love.

The poet Rumi writes, “Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness.”

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