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True Nature

True NatureBy George Marino CPC, CMMT
July 30, 2020

You have unlimited capacity and potential to live your true purpose, and you don’t necessarily have to leave your profession to do that! What is it that holds you back, and how can mindfulness help you live that life now? I would suggest that any limitation is due to your limiting belief system—the imbedded underlying subconscious beliefs that are at the root of inner and outer conflicts. These beliefs do not want you to notice them or shine the light of conscious awareness on them. If you did, they would simply fade away and die. These beliefs are mostly negative and relish so-called problems.

Shakespeare addresses this when he writes: “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” Our doubts often come from fear. You may have enough doubt that you will not even attempt to do something, but then you risk missing out on the good that comes from it. Mindfulness helps you see your doubts so that you know them well. Doubts can help you avoid something bad or keep you from something good. You can first mindfully accept your doubts and feel where they lurk in your body. Then, with awareness and keen discernment, discover if those doubts are holding you back or not.


A poem to reflect on whenever doubt arises:

True Nature

Every now and then

I hear the birdsong in central park


And trusting the open


And contemplating

How is it that we

Can possibly refuse

Being mindful

At work and

At Play

I help people build a life they love by letting go of doubts and fears by cultivating mindfulness and compassion at work in their personal life.

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