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Uncovering Quiet Time

Uncovering Quiet TimeBy George Marino CPC, CMMT March 1, 2021

At the core of mindfulness is awareness. Practicing mindfulness helps us become aware of our internal worlds, our thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions, feelings, and needs. Applying a mindful focus can be a challenging task, and quiet time can be equally difficult. In my work as an accountant, I am continually required to focus attention outside myself: on a tax return, spreadsheet, financial statements, and most often, interacting with others and replying to e-mails.

Many professionals devote a significant amount of time to their interactions with the world outside. During these interactions, we are surrounded by a considerable amount of noise (people talking, traffic sounds, beeps on the phone, etc.) and mental noise (planning, thoughts about what’s next, rumination, etc.). Most people believe this is normal. But there is another way: the way of silence.

“Quiet time” is not something we create; rather, it is hidden underneath all the noise. We might say that it has been covered up by layers upon layers of “stuff.” Paradoxically, in “quiet time” we step beyond our notions of time and into a place of abiding stillness.

Silence allows you to become aware of what is going on internally. When the external noise stops, the sound of the internal world becomes stronger. By deliberating and uncovering more moments of silence, you can become more acquainted with it again. I know this can be very challenging—it was for me. But with practice and guidance, you will learn to become more comfortable with silence and use it as a tool to connect with yourself again even while at work.

Silence facilitates a connection to our inner world because we no longer have to move beyond the noise that generally prevents us from doing so. I invite you to deliberately discover more “quiet time” to strengthen mindful attention to your inner experience. I help people cultivate a love for “quiet time” in work and life. Would you like to schedule your introductory session today?

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