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Virtual Teams & Mindfulness

Virtual Teams and MindfulnessBy George Marino, CPC, CMMT

When people are in different offices or need to communicate with clients that are geographically dispersed, mindfulness is the foundation in which perceived distance or differences no longer matter. Mindfulness is really creativity in action, and virtual meetings can be the very space to introduce meditation practices in the workplace. Start out each meeting with a one minute breathing space meditation or ask each person what are you grateful for today? This not only settles everyone into the same virtual space, it also introduces a sense of playfulness too often missed in business settings.

Mindfulness is so much more than a wellness intervention. It is the basis for all that is good in life, like genuine connection, compassion, clarity, kindness, creation, and the essence of love. The key is to understand the link between mindfulness and creativity as you work together in a virtual meeting. As you gather information, pinpoint issues, develop solutions, and implement action plans, stay in touch with your inner dimension of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Stay in touch with the stillness within and without by acutely listening, not so much to what is being said as to the underlying ground in which all words arise: the stillness.

In this state, anything you’ll need to hear or say will be said at the right moment, and it will be a creative thought. You may not have said the most during these meeting, but what you say will have meaning and energy that will be felt at least on a subliminal level. You will be instilling the belief that one is capable of creative behavior, which is so important in some professions that may have been misperceived in culture as having an uncreative profession. Through mindfulness programs in the workplace, creativity can be developed, sustained, and fun!

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