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Conscious Accounting

By George Marino, CPA March 8, 2024

Dentists get toothaches, plumbers have leaky faucets, basketball players miss free throws, and an accountant’s checkbook does not balance. None of these are mistakes, just opportunities to learn, fix, and move on with awareness. And so it is also true regarding our relationships with money and work.

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Jumping Overboard

By George Marino, CPA December 21, 2023

The CPA in you is the ship, The poet in you the life preserver. Every conscious accountant I know has Jumped overboard! Beyond balancing the books. George, your business is flourishing. Is that right? You bet, Although I struggle in time I’m mindfully present. You, too.

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Managing Anger: Off Balance Sheet Awareness

By: George Marino CPC, CMMT April 20, 2023

Sometimes, an automatic response can be fueled by anger. This comes up at work often enough, especially during stressful times like busy season. The first step is to understand the anger at its root.

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Checking In With Yourself

By George Marino CPC, CMMT March 25, 2023

Have you checked-in today? No, I am not referring to the proverbial question how are you , and the conditional response of okay-ness. I am pointing to a profound sense of who/where you are in the present moment.

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The Transformation Path is the Goal

George V. Marino CPC , CMMT January 30, 2023

The fourth aspect of goal setting and the follow-through process is the transformation path. Firmly rooted and aware of the prior three paths and their elements, we now turn to the transformation itself, a shift from being based in thought, emotions, and sense perceptions to making your home in the true nature of mindfulness: conscious awake presence.

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Relationship with Money

By George Marino CPA, CFP November 2, 2022

Do you have a strained relationship with money? Or do you have a sense of ease and lightness about it? Do you worry much about your financial situation? Do you compare yourself to your peers in an obsessive way concerning money? Do you worry about not having enough money? These are all relevant questions as we approach mindfulness and money from the standpoint of awareness.

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Making Up Stories

By George Marino CPC, CMMT July 1, 2022

The mind automatically creates a story about what happens to us, almost immediately after events occur. Certain feelings, emotions, and body sensations may automatically arise based on the nature of the story. Let’s take Joe for example. He felt “something was missing” in his life after making partner and started to ponder how he ended up in this position.

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New Projects

By George Marino CPC, CMMT May 25, 2022

When new work come in, we sometimes go through turbulent periods until the dust settles, communication channels are established, and vision and goals are shared. Mindfulness can help support the development of these projects through presence. How is that so?

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Common Humanity

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT May 17, 2022

We are not isolated individuals; we are interconnected beings. Quantum physics tells us that we live in a unified universe. Just like everyone else, you too are an intrinsic part of the universe and the more-than-human world. Central to this notion is the recognition that each one of us is imperfect in the world of form. Humans are a work in progress. We are transitory beings.

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Our Search for Meaningful Work

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT May 3, 2022

This poem is my interpretation of a Rumi poem called “One-Handed Basket Weaving” and our search for meaningful work.

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Money and Art as Meditation

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT

When you are distressed and feeling sad about your financial situation, it can be helpful to tap into the right brain in some creative pursuit. I like to write poems, which are mostly about the natural world with spiritual themes. I have also participated in workshops where other forms of art such as drawing, painting, and vision boards are used to tap into the creative impulse.

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Inviting Presence into Everyday Activities

By George Marino CPC, CMMT

For most of us, our busy schedules can prevent us from spending thirty minutes sitting quietly in meditation or focusing on the breath with eyes closed. The three-minute breathing space exercise is an effective way to start incorporating mindfulness practice into your workday, especially during the busy season. As a CPA, I find this practice very helpful.

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Mindfulness at Work Questionnaire for Professionals

By George Marino CPC, CMMT March 11, 2022

The following represent a sample “mindfulness at work” questionnaire that corresponds with the themes discussed in Beyond Balancing the Books. Individuals or groups might look at their attitudes toward mindfulness by answering the questions and sharing their answers. This dialogue can stimulate openness and curiosity, leading to fruitful searching.

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Thank You

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT February 8, 2022

The Thirteenth century mystic and spiritual teacher Meister Eckhart writes: “If the only prayer you say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

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Presence as an Antidote for Ego

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT January 12, 2022

All day, most of us are in an endless stream of doing. In a presence pause, we step away from autopilot and connect to our breath (or another portal into presence that resonates with you, such as sense perceptions, inner body awareness, or stillness). You sense into the feeling of your breath in your body. When you do this with attention, you are present. In this simple practice of a presence pause, you will find increasing clarity, calmness, and creativity. You are a mindful professional doing the work of your profession.

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Self-Love & Mindfulness

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT December 22, 2021

In the Song of Songs, the lovers say that they are drunk on love. We are here to get drunk on the cosmos, on our existence Why not? It is a gratuitous gift, and it has taken the universe 13.8 billion years to bring us here.

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Jumping to Conclusions

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT December 10, 2021

Did you ever draw a conclusion about what someone else thinks or feels and will do to you in the future with little or no information? Here is an example: You see your manager frowning as you speak to her about your consulting project and think, “She must be angry at me because I didn’t give her exactly what she was looking for.” This type of judgment will be felt in your body as a tightening and contraction. The free flow of your energy gets trapped in a certain area of your body when the judgmental mind jumps to a conclusion.

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Compassion in the Waiting Room

By George Marino CPC, CMMT November 23, 2021

One of the ways in which mindfulness is recognized is when you notice your external environment in ways that were previously covered up by anticipation and rumination.

One example involves two of my accounting clients, both of whom are in the healthcare industry. One client is a medical oncology group treating patients, toward the end of life. The other is an obstetrics group treating patients who are about to birth life. Both clients have been long-term accounts, and over the years I have noticed, on many occasions, a different energy vibe in the waiting room for each client.

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Being Positive by Choosing to Let Go

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT November 8, 2021

Meditation is about choosing to let go. Letting go is an aspect of being positive. As we perform our daily work, how often do we let go? How do you go about letting go? Letting go is a habit that can be developed; it is an aspect of mindfulness. Letting go is not a mental activity but rather being present at a higher energy vibration. What are some reasons you may want to let go in connection to your goals at a certain juncture? First, you don’t want to feel the pain, and you certainly don’t want unnecessary suffering. The challenging moments are a sign to pause, look within, feel into your body, and quietly discern your next steps. After all, Hafiz the beloved poet reminds us “Fear is the cheapest room at the Inn.” In letting go you are going for an upgrade!

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Original Thought

By George Marino CPC, CMMT October 25th, 2021

I learned about the beginner’s mindset and how simple mindfulness meditation can be one day on a retreat. Halfway through the meditation, the teacher guiding our group said, “Now let’s begin our meditation.” She was pointing to the present moment. We are all beginners, you, and I, and that makes mindfulness so much fun. The newness of each moment is a metaphoric “big bang.” Now, now, now.

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Getting Triggered

By George Marino CPC, CMMT October 4, 2021

It is relatively easy to get triggered at work, and for the professional, it is very common. In fact, these are opportunities to get to know yourself better. For many, the opportunity is lost, sometimes due to the fast-paced environment of the workplace and our lack of awareness for the subtle triggers such as an irritating co-worker, constant pressures of deadlines to complete a task, and so on. We addressed this earlier in the mindfulness practice of acceptance and identification, but now we look at these triggers as an awakener to transcend the ego in the moment they arise and step beyond—beyond balancing the books.

Here are some questions I have been asked from time to time on work related stress.

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Beyond Balancing the Books named Silver in Global Book Awards

George Marino, Author September 27th, 2021

Global Book Award for Beyong Balancing the Books"I am honored to receive a Silver in the Global Book Awards Self- Help- Personal Transformation category. When I started to write this book in April 2020, my solitary goal was to be a conduit for the words that come to me in the writing process as a help to others in their professional work and life situations. Writing is an opportunity to put my thoughts in some semblance of order and to reach out to others who simultaneously birth new thoughts in an act of mutual creation. That is mystery and awe at work in the writing process, and that is how I also feel about this award!"

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Daily Presence Pauses

By George Marino CPC, CMMT September 22nd, 2021

In Shakespeare’s comedy classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lysander tells Hermia, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” In Hermia’s case, love is plagued by indifference. In other words, distractions and the wandering mind have taken hold of her. In Shakespeare’s play, even when love is mutual and seemingly based on a clear vision, it is often hampered by external conditions. In these instances, the characters are not practicing the essence of love. They are not mindfully present. They can’t distinguish the difference between their life situation and life. They are completely unconscious.

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

By George Marino CPC, CMMT August 30, 2021

Do you remember something happening to you that you didn’t expect—a surprise and not in a good way? Maybe you passed two parts of the CPA exam and your parents, rather than celebrating with you, questioned you about the other parts you didn’t pass. Or maybe it is something more recent at work when your supervisor berated you for not completing the work within budget. How did you feel? Or the time you were passed over for a promotion or were not asked to join your colleagues for lunch. What emotions came up for you?

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Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

By George Marino CPC, CMMT August 23, 2021

What are emotions? According to psychologist Paul Ekman, “emotion is a process, a particular kind of automatic appraisal influenced by our evolutionary and personal past, in which we sense something important to our welfare is occurring, and a set of physiological changes and emotional behaviors begin to deal with the situation” (1). According to Ekman, emotions evolved as part of our survival mechanisms, which he called “automatic appraising.” That is why it is difficult to change what we become emotional about. Mindfulness does not require us to change emotions; in fact, just the opposite is true. Mindfulness helps us foster a friendlier relationship to our emotions, even the more difficult ones.

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Mindful Financial Planning

By George Marino CPA, CFP August 9, 2021

Each one of us will likely have our own unique relationship with money just as we’ll have our own way of practicing mindfulness. Having the right skills and knowledge of money management can greatly improve your financial well-being. Of course, there are other variables that can sometimes make it very challenging for us to reach personal financial goals. Perhaps you are a second-year professional working with debt and find that your relationship with money causes anxiety and frustration. Or maybe you are mid-career and struggling with a mortgage, college funding, caring for aged parents, and more. Perhaps you are near retirement and wondering if your savings will carry you through the remaining years. Or you may have accumulated substantial wealth and are worried about estate-planning and gifting strategies. These and other similar situations can take a toll on anyone.

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Living Deeply

By George Marino CPC, CMMT July 16,2021

Self-compassion is all about mindfully giving ourselves what we need. To do this, we need to know what we value most. Someone recently told me that what she really wanted to do was to clean up her e-mail inbox and eliminate the “junk.” I asked her what was important about that. After exploring this question, she discovered what was important to her about cleaning out her inbox was a sense of freedom.

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Taking Care of Yourself at Work While Under Stress

By George Marino CPC, CMMT July 1st, 2021

As professionals, we may sometimes feel isolated in the firms with which we are employed, especially due to the nature and structures of most organizations—the need to generate billable hours, competition, tight budgets, and all this with little emotional support. These are moments to connect with your breath as an act of compassion toward yourself and those around you, who are distracted in one way or another from the essence of who they are.

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Book Release - Beyond Balancing the booksNew Book Release - Discover How Busy Professionals Can Unlock Balance and a True Sense of Purpose

By: George Marino CPA, CFP May 14, 2021

I am very pleased to introduce my new book Beyond Balancing the Books: Sheer Mindfulness for Professionals in Work and Life. It is my first full-length work as an author.

Beyond Balancing the Books Blog Post

Presence and the Vertical Dimension

By George Marino CPC, CMMT March 18, 2021

In chapter two of my upcoming book Beyond Balancing the Books: Sheer Mindfulness for Professionals in Work and Life, our journey takes us into “Presence and the Vertical Dimension” and the subtle ways to access and sustain this awareness in daily life. We will learn that one of the most common obstacles to awareness practice is the analytical mind.

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A Tale of Two Professionals

By George Marino CPC, CMMT March 18, 2021

This Maslow quote appears before the introduction in my upcoming book, Beyond Balancing the Books: Sheer Mindfulness for Professionals in Work and Life. In the book’s tale of two CPAs, we meet Larry and Amy, who operate from very different spheres of consciousness. The tale takes the reader into the busy workdays of both well-established professionals as they tend to their practice of analyzing complex business matters, managing staff, and working with their clients. Most importantly, the tale brings you into their respective “inner worlds” as they observe (or don’t observe) the ambivalent, fearful, and fascinating aspects of themselves and their patterns of reactive responses.

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Uncovering Quiet Time

By George Marino CPC, CMMT March 1, 2021

At the core of mindfulness is awareness. Practicing mindfulness helps us become aware of our internal worlds, our thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions, feelings, and needs. Applying a mindful focus can be a challenging task, and quiet time can be equally difficult. In my work as an accountant, I am continually required to focus attention outside myself: on a tax return, spreadsheet, financial statements, and most often, interacting with others and replying to e-mails.

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Getting Started With Mindfulness Practice in Work and Life

By George Marino CPC, CMMT February 5, 2021

Mindfulness practice is something you can do at any time. Even noticing that you are not practicing mindfulness is mindfulness—it’s that simple. You’ll reach a point when mindfulness is no longer something you do but rather what you’ve become. You know that a description of China is not China, nor is a map of China. To know China, one has to go there, and to know mindfulness, one has to live it daily. Not perfectly, of course, and that is one of its defining features. We return again and again to mindfulness.

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Having a Difficult Conversation

By George Marino CPC, CMMT January 6, 2021

It’s great to take courses in finance, marketing, and economics. But what is most essential at work and in life is managing and understanding our emotions so we can be better equipped to help others in business and life. In other words, what is your emotional literacy? What is your emotional intelligence? Unfortunately, most of us have not been trained in this way.

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Virtual teams & Mindfulness

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT November 9th, 2020

When people are in different offices or need to communicate with clients that are geographically dispersed, mindfulness is the foundation in which perceived distance or differences no longer matter. Mindfulness is really creativity in action, and virtual meetings can be the very space to introduce meditation practices in the workplace. Start out each meeting with a one minute breathing space meditation or ask each person what are you grateful for today? This not only settles everyone into the same virtual space, it also introduces a sense of playfulness too often missed in business settings.

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Listening at the Heart Level

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT October 7, 2020

In your work, intend a desire to genuinely know people. You want to know what is going on inside people, the things that are unique about them, having a sense that is keenly aware and knows that others have needs, aspirations, fears, and frustrations. You’ll ask about their lives and who they are rather than covertly dominating over them and not deeply listening. You can do this because you do the same for yourself.

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The Flow of Energy

By George Marino CPC, CMMT September 24th, 2020

Energy is always in motion. It never completely stands still. The nature of energy is to flow. Our pain and suffering arises when we try to stop or block this energy movement.

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A Rainbow in the Sky

By George Marino CPC, CMMT August 31st, 2020

This poem is my translation of a poem by Hafiz- Bring life to a field. I coach clients who experience some hurt at work or in their personal lives. Sometimes, it helps to speak to a professional coach about our circumstances.

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The Three-Minute Breathing Space

By George Marino CPC, CMMT August 24th, 2020

For most of us, our busy schedules can prevent us from spending thirty minutes sitting quietly in meditation or focusing on the breath with eyes closed. The three-minute breathing space exercise is a good way to start incorporating mindfulness practice into your workday.
This exercise is a direct way of coping with challenges characterized by the awareness and willingness to experience what is present.

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True Nature

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT July 30, 2020

You have unlimited capacity and potential to live your true purpose, and you don’t necessarily have to leave your profession to do that! What is it that holds you back, and how can mindfulness help you live that life now?

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Personal Strategic Planning

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT July 17th, 2020

When we engage our judgmental minds and the various sub-parts of our personalities, we invite our souls to come forward in a very sacred way. We turn ourselves inward and invite presence to fill our minds and bodies, feeling an “aliveness” within that can’t be described. You just know. When we have a heart-to-heart conversation with ourselves, we uncover what wants to be born in the present moment, and we sense awe both within and without. When you notice this, it is vital to pay attention with your whole being. As an old proverb says: “A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.”

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Cultivating Curiosity

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT June 29th, 2020

Mindfulness practice is something you can do at any time. Even noticing that you are not practicing mindfulness is mindfulness—it’s that simple. You’ll reach a point when mindfulness is no longer something you do but rather what you’ve become. You know that a description of China is not China, nor is a map of China. To know China, one has to go there, and to know mindfulness, one has to live it daily. Not perfectly, of course, and that is one of its defining features. We return again and again to mindfulness.

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The Power of Visualization

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT June 11th, 2020

One of the mindfulness practices that I have found to be most helpful is to employ the power of visualization. This can be done anywhere and at any time and is particularly beneficial when experiencing challenging emotions—like sadness or boredom, for example. The foundation for this practice is to be fully present in the Now. As you begin, it may be helpful to practice this when you are alone or out in nature. Then, gradually practice wherever you may be.

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Setting Your Goals Mindfully

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT May 28th, 2020

Stop Striving- One of the common obstacles to accessing your true nature is to look forward to a more perfect version of yourself. If you continue to wait for this- you can be sure it won’t happen.

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Forming Deeper Connections

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT April 30, 2020

We each have our own ideas and viewpoints about connection, whether that is with another person, environment, True Self, God, life partner, friend, family, client, work colleague, a stranger, an animal or object. Mindfulness is a practice that helps us establish a connection. Taking it a step further, mindfulness is a portal to a deeper form of connection that takes us beyond our identity to a sense of I Am-ness, an abiding Presence without name or form. This Presence is not something we can believe in and sustain though a mental position, rather we can become familiar with it in the present moment, mindfully through practice. What a liberation that is! We can let go of our rigid mental positions and abide in something so fundamental and simple as our true nature. (And yet, mindfulness as a way of Being is not taught formally in most schools or practiced in most boardrooms.)

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Fire Up the Present Moment to Transform Adversity

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT April 9, 2020

During this period of containment, many of us may experience boredom either periodically or even for sustained periods. As our habits are uprooted, so too is our habit energy which may have become fixed on things being a certain way, like our daily routines. There is nothing wrong with routines, as they provide us with a sense of comfort in relationships, work, finances, family, living situations, health and wellness and social interactions.

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The Joy of Spirit During Adversity: When We Can’t Connect Face-to-Face

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT March 25, 2020

What is in a name? I would suggest that a name establishes a breath connection between humans and with plant and animal life and the natural world. The sound and vibration that a name evokes in us when felt and listened to acutely in the body takes us out of our conceptual mind and into something deeper. We remove layers of judgement and preconceived notions about a person or for that matter the tree, bird or even the solar system and beyond. Everything becomes mystery, and we tap into an inner spaciousness and peace that is always there. Even if you don’t know a person’s name, “human being” can take us to this state, uniting “human” as the surface dimension including physical appearance, family origin and personality with “being” as a subtle and unshakeable field of timeless, conscious presence.

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Learning at Lourdes- Through The Open Door

By George Marino CPC, CMMT February 18th, 2020

“If you have something to say to me, would you be kind enough to write it down” asked Bernadette Soubirous to the Lady of Lourdes on February 18, 1858. The Lady smiled and answered that it would not be necessary to do so. Then, addressing Bernadette directly with utmost dignity and respect, the beautiful Lady asked: “Would you have the grace to return here for fifteen days?” Bernadette accepted. She also told her: “I do not promise to make you happy in this world, but in the other.”

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Conflict Reveals Character and Vulnerability Strength

By George Marino CPC, CMMT February 11th, 2020

Getting along is easy when we are conflict free. I agree with you- you agree with me. We have similar preferences and we roll along in our relationship, until some conflict or misunderstanding arises. In these moments, we can really know the mark of a person on how they respond to conflict. In a healthy relationship, both people know conflict is inevitable and they display a healthy character when a conflicting situation arises.

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Kindness Is Contagious

Posted by George Marino CPC, CMMT January 30th, 2019

Did you ever try to be humble? You may have found that to be difficult, because being humble is not something we do, rather it is something either we are or we are not. The act of being humble is inseparable from the present moment. I would suggest being humble is the virtue of virtues. We can’t think about becoming humble, just like we can’t think about the present moment. To do so is just a concept in the mind. We tap into wisdom when we are humble and say and do things that are not planned which gives rise to authenticity.

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How to write a gratitude Letter and why it is important

Posted by George Marino CPC, CMMT December 16th, 2019

Feeling gratitude can improve health and happiness and strengthen relationships. When a person feels discouraged and stuck and is seeking some possible ways to move beyond feelings of sadness and stuckness, I often request a coaching client to write a “gratitude letter”. Sometimes expressions of thanks can be fleeting and superficial. With a gratitude letter, a person is encouraged to express gratitude in a thoughtful, deliberate way by writing - and ideally, delivering - a letter of gratitude to a person that has never properly thanked. I did this with a person whom I have worked with for over fifteen years after having slipped into a pattern of taking things for granted. Having experienced stuckness for a period of time, this letter and the process of completing the letter and practice provided a pathway to move beyond these feelings of stuckness. Repeating this exercise for others further added to well- being.

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Mindfulness in Everyday Activities - Cultivating mindful acceptance

Posted by George Marino CPC, CMMT September 5th, 2019

The poet Rumi says, this being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, an irritation, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

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Mindfulness in everyday activities - Focused attention and open awareness

Posted by George Marino CPC, CMMT August 28th, 2019

We are wired to resist much of unpleasant experiences. What is often overlooked is that there is even some resistance in pleasant situations when we recognize the fleeting nature of things, events and situations. In many cultures, there is a hidden resistance to the impermanent nature of things including human life. Acceptance plays an important role in mindfulness. Rather than trying to avoid or control an experience, mindfulness involves allowing experiences to be as they are. After all, you can’t argue with what already is, unless of course you want to suffer in some way. Mindfulness teaches us not to struggle with feeling or thoughts. Allowing and accepting are a central part of mindfulness.

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Mindfulness In everyday activities - facing challenges with presence

Posted by George Marino, CPC, CMMT August 22nd, 2019

Automatic patterns or what is often referred to as ‘reactivity” occur outside our conscious awareness. That is, when we are not consciously aware of our own behavior. Some researchers believe that 90% of our behavior is carried out automatically. A clear example of this is driving a car. If you are an experienced driver, you will most likely not be aware of the process of changing gears, the movement of your feet while doing so, and the way you hold the steering wheel. Automatic patterns develop through repetition. By repeating a certain action, it gradually becomes automatic, thereby reducing the need for conscious attention.

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Mindfulness in everyday activities - Attention and the Body Scan

Posted by George Marino, CPC, CMMT August 15th, 2019

There are so many things that can draw our attention. Most of us pay relatively little attention to the now. Rather, our attention is directed towards the past or future. As we are traveling to work, we rarely pay attention the immediate surroundings itself, rather our attention is often directed towards things that need to be done that day or the things we did the day before. Of course, there is a place for that, so the question is, how much space is there between thoughts of the “to do” list.

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Mindfulness for CPA's A Guide for Accountants - Beyond Balancing The Books

Posted By George Marino, CPC, CMMT - May 2nd, 2019

I love what I do as a CPA, and even more so when I am mindful.

I worked at several public accounting firms of various sizes before launching my own practice in New York City. For more than thirty-five years, I have been an accountant and consultant to individuals and businesses. I discovered a niche in the healthcare industry. My clients are mostly healthcare providers and together we try to make sense of the complex and fragmented healthcare industry from a financial and operational perspective.

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Mindful Work and Conscious Business Development

Posted By George Marino, CPC, CMMT - January 2nd, 2019

What would it be like for you to work with someone in a collaborative and conscious relationship where together we explored what is most important for you right now? Or, if you feel stuck, bored or are in transition in your life situation how would working with someone in a mindful setting where you have the space to take a step back and embody fresh viewpoints with compassion and support along with accountability.

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Mindful Self- Compassion & the Coaching Process

Posted By George Marino, CPC, CMMT - December 19, 2018

In this workshop, George invites participants to engage in a soft-landing and Mindful Self-Compassion meditation. He then explores with the group in an experiential power point presentation integrating Mindful Self-Compassion into daily activities by embracing our common humanity and imperfections which paradoxically bringing deeper meaning and fulfillment.

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How To Get Started With Coaching

By George Marino, CPC, CMMT

Most coaches offer an introductory session in order for you to have a taste of what coaching is all about.  It also allows the coach and the client to see if they are a good fit. During this initial session, the client comes to the session with an idea about what they want to achieve from the coaching process and to get a sense as to whether or not the coach can help them. During this no-obligation introductory session, the client receives coaching on any issue of his/her choosing.

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