Introducing George Marino’s book
Beyond Balancing the Books:
Sheer Mindfulness for Professionals in Work and Life

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The Book Beyond Balancing The Books

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($37 Value)

Discover powerful evidence-based mindfulness practices to naturally connect to the “inner professional” in you and enhance well-being.

Learn the Inner and Outer Landscape of gratitude.

Practice the ABC’s of Grateful Living.

Uncover the “Three Good Things” of everyday living.

Practice gratitude by mental elimination and reduce the “taking-things-for-granted effect.”

About The Book

CPA and mindfulness coach George Marino takes you on a journey to discover what he calls the “3 B’s”—Beyond, Balancing, and Books. Building on the work of scientists, mystics, poets, artists, physicians, psychologists, business leaders, accountants, other professionals—and even the wisdom of trees—you will be introduced to:

  • Powerful mindfulness exercises and everyday practices you can start doing today to reconnect with your true nature
  • Ways to integrate your unique set of core values
  • An accounting tool that really counts when it comes to creating a satisfying and balanced life

Beyond Balancing the Books asks empowering questions that may rattle your current perceptions and assumptions. Marino guides you on a path of exploration and discovery of what being a mindful professional really means and how it can help you find deep meaning and purpose in your work and personal life. Through these practical evidence-based mindfulness exercises, you’ll discover more about who you really are as you are guided through:

  • Developing conscious relationships with family and colleagues
  • Discovering new creative outlets
  • Experiencing Joy in everyday activities
  • Focusing on the present moment
  • Cultivating Harmony even under difficult circumstances
  • Practicing mindful Financial planning
  • Enjoying Inner Professional success

The good news is that mindfulness practice is supported by science, and it’s a way to build resilience, focus, and compassion. Beyond Balancing the Books shows you how!

Meet George Marino

George Marino is an accomplished CPA, entrepreneur, consultant, and advisor with more than thirty-five years of success across the accounting, financial services, hospital, healthcare, and professional training and coaching industries.

As the founder and Certified Professional Coach for One Heart Coaching, LLC, he helps others as a transformational coach who listens deeply, shares observations by naming what is present, and asks open-ended questions that lead to infinite possibilities for people. He engages with individuals in a conscious partnership that maximizes their personal and professional potential. He is also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher trained to teach evidence-based mindfulness meditation for enhancing people’s well-being and resilience. George also works with businesses as a mindfulness coach, helping to build a more mindful, resilient, and fulfilling work environment. He completed his certificate from the Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening in 2019, and an iMBA in Conscious Leadership from New York University’s Mindful NYU in 2021. He recognizes compassion, presence, and grace are essential healing forces along with clearly applied practical intelligence.

George also serves as the founder, principal, and Certified Public Accountant for George V. Marino CPA, PC, where he provides accounting, personal tax services, planning, and consulting services. George earned a Master of Science Taxation (MST) in Taxation from Baruch College—Zicklin School of Business as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Accounting from Pace University—Lubin School of Business. He is a Certified Financial Planner from the CFP® Board, a Certified Public Accountant from the New York State Education Department, and a volunteer mentor with the New York State Society of CPAs and for Pace University students. For his own reinvigoration, he enjoys nature, poetry, fitness, prayer, writing, theater, and travel.

George Marino, CPA

Praise for Beyond Balancing the Books

Robert Fligel

“Full of insight and wisdom, this book offers a clear and practical path towards personal and professional well-being.”
Steve Taylor PhD., author of The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening

Robert Fligel

Beyond Balancing the Books clearly articulates mindfulness in a way we can all move toward actualizing. I found the book to be highly readable and well-prepared with research, footnotes, clear indexing, and specific and simple exercises to put the techniques into action. As a former practicing CPA and lifelong devotee to the profession, I was engaged by the references and stories connected to CPAs and the world of business. At the same time, it was fully clear that what Marino is articulating applies to everyone.”
—Robert Fligel, President, RF Resources LLC

Daria Bushueva

Beyond Balancing the Books gives you practical advice you can use every day in your professional work and personal life. The book is full of useful information, insights, and exercises that can help you live with more meaning and purpose. Author George Marino draws on his experience as both a CPA and mindfulness coach to help readers deal with the obstacles of the external world as well as our internal worlds. Each chapter covers a specific topic with examples from science, poetry, nature, etc. all approached with an open mind. The result is a journey to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I highly recommend this book to anyone no matter what your profession.”
—Daria Bushueva, Audit Associate, Real Estate Service at Mazars USA

Sean Fargo

“This is a must-read for professionals who value their life as much as their work. George Marino eloquently applies ancient wisdom to today’s common challenges and goals, resulting in a practical guidebook for anyone no matter their profession looking for a step-by-step path to positive ROI in every area of their life.”
—Sean Fargo, Founder, Mindfulness Exercises

Susan Dicosola

“For the working professional, this book is a great collection of tips and techniques to become more mindful and ultimately healthier in mind, body, and soul. Though the examples are given through the author’s experience as an accountant, the material could easily be applied to just about any profession. George Marino has harnessed the essential teachings of history’s great teacher-philosophers and incorporates them into this guide to a more satisfying and self-aware life. The author draws from the wisdom of the world’s spiritual and artistic traditions, which validate the evolution of conscious mind. It is as though Mr. Marino is guiding you on a life-changing meditation. Beyond Balancing the Books is a personal and informative read that can help any working professional to indeed bring balance to the entirety of their life.”
—Susan T. Dicosola, MS, CMPE, Chief Operating Officer Practice Queens Medical Associates

Janneth Gaona

Beyond Balancing the Books engages the reader in a path to self-discovery. George Marino guides us to develop a relationship with the most important person in our lives—ourselves—by being present and living in the moment. He does a great job in explaining many complex concepts for people who are not familiar with topics like mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and awareness. The reader will develop skills such as being aware, being present, listening attentively, and having compassion that will ultimately help us balance the books and balance our lives.”
—Janneth Gaona, CPA

Read the Introduction to Beyond Balancing the Books

We all lose touch with ourselves at some point in life—it’s normal—but have you ever looked into the mirror and performed an internal audit, saying, “Who is this person?” or “What happened?” I am not referring to physical appearance, status in the world, or rank in your firm. I am pointing to the sense of who you truly are deep down. You may have a relatively satisfying career and personal life filled with family, friends, health, and financial security, and yet the discontent, worry, and frustrations are there as your constant companions. This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is all about accounting for what really counts—embarking on a discovery process in knowing who you are in your essence. With practice, it becomes your new normal.

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Beyond Balancing the Books Online Masterclass with the Author

When you order your audiobook, paperback or Kindle copy of Beyond Balancing the Books, you’ll receive a complimentary ticket to George Marino’s online learning program, “Cultivating Gratitude,” valued at $37.

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More Praise for Beyond Balancing the Books

Reed Tinsley

“I started my career in public accounting in June of 1979 in Houston, Texas. Without a doubt, I wish I had this kind of empowering book to read then as well as now. This is not your typical book for professionals—it is a book with easy to understand concepts and practical mindfulness practices that conveys a message that our professional work and life has deep meaning and purpose, even in those moments when it doesn’t seem to be the case. If you are serious about discovering calm and clarity in work and life, this book is a big help and a useful tool to become more mindful each day. I highly recommend this book. In both personal and business life, I will always remember going forward: ‘It’s time to balance the books.’ ”

—Reed Tinsley, CPA, CVA, CFP, CHBC

Linda Sullivan

Beyond Balancing the Books brings the practice of mindfulness into the office environment. Through mindfulness exercises and meditation, Marino shows the reader how to build resilience while navigating the business world. Chapter by chapter, he takes the reader deeper into practicing ‘attention with intention’ and living according to one’s core values. I highly recommend this book!”

—Linda Sullivan, Owner, WORDsmart Word Processing, Inc.

Ken Slivken

“I found reading Beyond Balancing the Books to be very beneficial and relevant in these tumultuous times. George has a way of being able to translate common business encounters into teachable moments. Let’s face it—distractions are everywhere. Yet the value of mindfulness, being aware and in sync with your feelings, acknowledgment, acceptance—life skills that allow for fuller and more meaningful existence. I found the book to be very solid from a journalistic standpoint and well written. Glad that I took the time to read it.”

—Ken Slivken, HR Director, A360media, LLC

Beyond Balancing the Books is an excellent resource to help us achieve self-actualization. George Marino provides us with practical advice and tools in mindfulness techniques. I highly recommend this book for motivating you to reach your personal and professional goals and contrastingly, achieve the delicate balance of work, coping with fatigue, and feeling renewed – Bravo!”

—Laurie Stanley, Senior Human Resources Professional, PHR

"This performance by CPA, writer, and teacher George Marino proves that you don't need a light-as-air yoga-instructor voice to effectively narrate an audiobook on mindfulness--even one that includes guided exercises. With a no-nonsense New Yorker's delivery, Marino tackles the topic of how important it is for fast-paced professionals to step back, reflect, and cultivate mindfulness. Marino speaks authentically from years of experience juggling professional demands and the need to nurture one's mind and self. He is approachable and soothing when talking listeners through a variety of mindfulness techniques that address challenging and stressful situations at work. His oral teachings will be happily received by anyone who has a challenging work schedule, unlikable clients, or career-related anxiety." Click here for Audible page

– AudioFile Magazine

Best Book Chanticleer Review

“Marino's guidebook is a rich mine of helpful advice for anyone seeking a calmer, more spiritually focused approach to life's dilemmas. Discovering and practicing mindfulness changed Marino's life and he desires to help as many individuals as possible. Highly recommended.” Click here for full review

– Chanticleer Reviews

Book Launch Bonus Free Beyond Balancing the Books Online Masterclass: “Cultivating Gratitude” With the Author, George Marino

Discover powerful evidence-based mindfulness practices to naturally connect to the “inner professional” in you and enhance well-being.

Learn the Inner and Outer Landscape of gratitude.

Practice the ABC’s of Grateful Living.

Uncover the “Three Good Things” of everyday living.

Practice gratitude by mental elimination and reduce the “taking-things-for-granted effect.”

Fast, easy learning in 25 minutes! Go at your own pace in this recorded session with visuals to help you connect to the wellness within.

Amazon Best Seller Harvey Chute Grand PrizeThe Book Beyond Balancing The Books

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