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FAQ's About Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful, ongoing relationship that helps you focus and realize your visions and goals.  Working with a Professional Coach, you will acquire the tools and support to remove obstacles in order to facilitate change.  You will explore fresh ways of being in this world, as you release old habits and conditioned reactions that have stopped working for you. Rather than trying to gather information you need or to learn how to fix something, coaching sessions are an opportunity to discover what is already within you.

What are some reasons people hire a coach?

People engage Coaching services for many reasons. Some examples are:

  • To support or navigate a life transition in career, social life and relationships, family, health, retirement or community
  • To create more fulfillment in your current job or in your life
  • To plan a life based on what matters most
  • To more fully recognize your own gifts and talents
  • To create more balance in your life
  • To increase effectiveness at work in ways which are meaningful
  • To start a new business
  • To navigate life’s challenges—illness, anxiety, discontentment, addiction and stuckness

How does Coaching work?

Typically, individual coaching is done by telephone, Skype , Zoom or in person, for an agreed upon number of sessions per month for a set amount and duration.

Is Coaching therapy?

No, Coaching is not therapy nor is it an attempt to heal emotional trauma. Coaching focuses on the present moment, tapping into a person’s inherent resources and wisdom. Coaches regularly refer clients to other professionals for issues that are better suited to a therapeutic relationship.

What is a typical Coaching session like?

The hallmark of Coaching is self-responsibility. The client sets the agenda for the session; the coach follows that agenda. You can expect powerful and clarifying questions to be asked, the use of focused and fine-tuned planning tools, and the need for accountability. The coach will support you thoroughly, as you tap into your own creativity and wholeness while listening to your heart.

How do you define the Coach’s role and the Client’s responsibility?

Coach’s Role

  • Creates a safe, supportive environment
  • Respects the client’s perceptions, learning style and needs
  • Offers support for new behaviors and learning
  • Challenges limiting beliefs
  • Requests accountability structures to support movement
  • Believes much more is possible than is seen on the surface
  • Recognizes client’s inherent resources and wisdom

Client’s Responsibility

  • Create your own sense of power in the coaching relationship
  • Take responsibility for the content of the sessions
  • Express honestly what’s working and not working
  • Make requests to redesign the coaching relationship
  • Step wholeheartedly into the coaching process

The Coaching relationship flourishes when it is based on a partnership, not intimidation. Many aspects of the relationship are discussed during the initial Discovery Session when conscious choices between the coach and the client are made as to how they will work together.

How many sessions are recommended?

Results vary from person to person. Some people feel immediate shifts in one or two sessions.  Others may need more support that continues for several months or even years. Generally speaking, it is recommended to start with a three-month commitment (2 sessions per month for three months). Once the initial goals/outcomes are fulfilled, additional topics and focus may be revealed for which you may wish to continue the Coaching.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are typically 45 minutes, twice per month.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled time. If you do not cancel or ask to reschedule with sufficient advanced notice, you will be responsible to pay the session fee. It is recommended that you confirm your scheduled appointments.

What are your rates? Which forms of payment do you accept?

Rates will be discussed and established at the initial, free, introductory session. Please call or use the online appointment request form. Payment is due at the time of service. Various forms of payment are accepted for your convenience.  Professional support is an investment you choose. It can have a long-lasting, positive impact on many areas of your life.

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions take place in person at my office in midtown Manhattan, outdoors in nature, or virtually via Zoom, Skype or phone.

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