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Life Coaching With George

I work in a conscious and collaborative relationship with clients to help them achieve personal and professional goals that are important to them. People come to the session with a topic for the coaching. I use my skills and undivided attention to explore and help them to discover insights that lead to solutions. I am always supportive and sometimes challenging! A challenge helps a client notice obstacles and encourages a move through these difficulties with sensitivity, care and compassion. I help create a space that leads clients to clarity, peace, joy and alignment with the inner and outer purposes of their Life. I use a integral-holistic approach of Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit and Nature in all aspects of the coaching.

Here is what you can expect from coaching with me:

  • A co-creative relationship based on trust in a safe, supportive environment that includes ongoing mutual respect and feedback.
  • Coaching with Presence, mindfulness, openness, flexibility, lightness, laughter and poetry.
  • Active listening and focus on what is being expressed, or not, in the context of needs and goals. I support client self-expression, learning style and understanding.
  • Powerful questioning that allows looking inward for discovery, insight and commitment to an action plan that may challenge your long-held assumptions and subsequently help create a desired life.
  • Pathways, tools and techniques that support clarity, vision, goals and alignment.

If you are ready for a new life and willing to embrace the unknown, you are on a luminous path! I can help you break away from old mind patterns and conditioning, a sense of lack or something missing, and useless thinking to build a more worry-free life filled with calmness, clarity and connection. I will provide you with pointers and a framework to shift your focus from the energy of the past to the peace of the present moment with an open door so you can reach for your goals and aspirations while aligned with the Now, both within and without.

How Life Coaching Can Help:

For each person, issues in his/her daily life provide ample territory to bring to a session. I work with people who may be experiencing one or more of the following life circumstances and are committed to growth and development. The client seeks to:

  • Manage a transition in personal and professional life.
  • Create more balance in personal and professional life.
  • Get unstuck.
  • Make a present job more fulfilling or explore other options.
  • Look in areas where anxiety and tension show up in daily life and explore practices of mindfulness and Present moment awareness, if desired.
  • Examine conflicts, emotions and painful experiences in relationships.
  • Work with the Pain Body/Shadow, inner critic and other emotional stress in order to begin to let go in the present moment with awareness.
  • Work with chronic illness and pain by tapping into mindfulness, loving kindness and our common humanity.
  • Set stretch goals in personal and professional life and a path to reach them.
  • Move beyond limiting beliefs and conditioned responses in daily activities; challenge and foster a deep self-compassion and compassion for others.
  • Discover new and interesting ways to explore interests and hobbies based on needs and values.
  • Notice and deepen Spirit and the many ways it moves in your Life.
  • Explore artful ways to uncover deep meaning in order to fulfill the most heartfelt yearning and assist in the support, growth and integration of consciousness.

Rather than trying to gather information you need to learn or how to fix something, see the coaching sessions as a chance to discover what is already within you.


How Life Coaching Differs from Therapy

Life coaching with me is based in the present and relates back to current goals. A therapist traditionally explores issues such as family of origin and deep emotional trauma in order to unravel particular symptoms and behaviors. Therapy involves identifying issues from the past that are creating problems in one’s life, preventing forward motion. The following include, but are not limited to, why an individual would be encouraged to see a therapist: major depression, mood disorder, alcohol or chemical dependency, OCD, rape or incest, suicidal or homicidal tendencies, physical or extreme emotional abuse. I am trained to refer clients to therapists when these and other issues are noticed.

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