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Living in the Now

I am passionate about helping people connect to the innate wisdom and creativity that arises from tapping into a vast inner territory. I am committed to support people who are suffering and want to live with greater ease, choices, meaning, awareness and vitality.

“The Movement of descent and discovery begins at the moment you consciously become dissatisfied with life. Contrary to most professional opinion, the gnawing dissatisfaction with life is neither a sign of ‘mental illness’ nor an indication of poor social adjustment, nor a character disorder, for concealed within this basic unhappiness with life and existence is the embryo of a growing intelligence, buried under an immense weight of social shams.”

Ken Wilber, "No Boundary: Eastern and Western Approaches to Personal Growth"

Inviting Presence into your life is moving beyond any limiting boundaries, balancing light and dark and seeing one’s territory from a new map where everything is transcended and included in the present moment. There is integrity to this wholeness and an integration that moves beyond any single quality or part of you. It renews all Life. By recognizing and honoring this wholeness, I offer a rich Integral and holistic framework to:

  • Align with the Present Moment and the Now.
  • Recognize thought as a tool rather than a master.
  • Notice and embody the wisdom emanating from the body and learn to build a container to hold and acknowledge both light and dark so healing takes place.
  • Gently see and feel the places within where emotional turmoil causes blocks and begin to release any rigid beliefs so that new opportunities and viewpoints may arise.
  • Embrace apparent opposites and see them from a deeper place.
  • Align inner realities with outer purpose in the world.
  • Move into unchartered territory with inner Peace and acceptance.
  • Allow challenges to take you deeper into the Now where creative solutions arise.
  • Practice Transcend and include Mindfulness

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