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Evidence – Based Mindfulness Training in the Workplace

Mindfulness Business Training and CoachingCreate a More Conscious, Productive and Fulfilling Business Environment.

Scientific studies show the benefits from mindfulness practices ranging from decreased stress and anxiety to increased immune system functioning and pain tolerance. In business settings, mindful employees have lower levels of frustration, absence and burnout and increased productivity, balance and well- being. Hence, a rapidly growing number of employers are now offering mindfulness-based stress management and resilience programs.

As a CPA and consultant for business and individuals for more than 35 years, I have seen first-hand the challenges faced by today’s employers and employees. From difficult relationships in the workplace and hefty workloads to the effect of modern technology and significant pressure at home, employee struggles are very real and can have major impact on employers.

I was one of those super- stressed, anxious individuals 15 years ago when I began using mindfulness practices, making them a natural part of my daily work as a CPA and in my personal life. Now, a Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and Transformational Coach, I work with beginners to more experienced practitioners to help create a more balanced and fulfilling work environment.

Components of Evidence –Based Mindfulness Training:

I offer evidence based mindfulness training programs for business and not for profit organizations. This includes mindfulness training and coaching in the following areas:

  1. Focusing attention in the now in the midst of “multitasking” and project implementation.
  2. Managing reactivity to and dealing with difficult people.
  3. Employing non-judgmental awareness in situations that trigger difficult emotions.
  4. Cultivating acceptance and acknowledgment when confronted with challenges.
  5. Working towards goals with presence by focusing on the journey with full awareness of expected outcome.
  6. Developing compassion towards self and others.
  7. Facing challenges without fighting and conflicts.
  8. Integration and practice.

The Benefits:

For employees, mindfulness practice can cultivate an understanding of work challenges as a potential source of achieving greater clarity on what is truly important to them in relation to their needs and values, rather than as obstacles without any personal redeeming value other than a paycheck. Employees begin to see the difference between a job and meaningful contribution and recognize the true positive potential of the challenges faced in the workplace.

For employers, research demonstrates a return on investment with improved employee productivity, reduced stress and medical costs which directly translate to the bottom line.

How the Training Works

The training is tailored to each unique business in alignment with the organization’s culture and goals. In general, the program consists of group training sessions augmented with small group experiential workshops where mindfulness practices and exercises are explored further. Participants will be invited to practice mindful exercises for at least 20 minutes a day during the trainings.

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