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Organization and Business Coaching is different from mentoring or consulting. A skillful organization and business coach rarely provides solutions and advice. Instead, a coach leads a client to what’s most important by asking rigorous questions and naming what’s present. In addition, a coach embraces client polarities by exploring experiences, ideas, feelings or needs that appear to be in conflict and holding them with equal respect. The coaching relationship helps people focus, connect with what’s important, explore new possibilities and choose an action plan backed by accountability. It is attuned to values and vision. A coach helps people build capacity, take leadership and maximize their contribution.

Purposes of Coaching in Organizations & Businesses

  • Develop a coaching philosophy within the organization to help transform the role of boss to coach.
  • Help manager’s use coaching skills and core principles to enhance the way they work.
  • Foster a collaborative culture.
  • Teach leadership development and capacity building.
  • Cultivate emotional awareness and understanding.
  • Evolve management and performance criteria.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities.
  • Establish vision, mission and strategic planning.
  • Implement follow-up training and accountability structures.
  • Nurture calm, collected and coordinated culture

Beyond collecting a paycheck, work can be an important source of human fulfillment, a way to develop potential and an outlet for creative expression. Coaching provides a framework for both employers and employees to put their best ideas forward, take steps to implement and provide feedback, and align themselves with organizational and personal goals.

Organizational & Business Challenges

Individuals and leaders in corporate environments face many challenges that can present opportunities for coaching executives, middle managers or teams. Some challenges are routine, while others may occur during times of change.

Mergers & Acquisition: When an organization restructures, downsizes or merges, reshuffled teams and work responsibilities contribute to increased stress, decreased morale, interpersonal conflicts and resentment. Coaching helps teams rebuild trust, clarify vision and roles, and support the transition to a blended culture.

New Team Start-Up: When people come together on a project, they can go through rocky periods until roles and responsibilities, communication channels, vision and mission are clearly established and shared. Coaches support the formation and development of a team.

Employee Fringe Benefit: By including coaching as part of a fringe benefit package, employers help both staff and organization by reducing stress and anxiety, boosting morale, and enhancing skills while supporting organizational goals.

Goal Setting: Based on company, division or department objectives, coaches support individuals and teams in setting fair, achievable goals. At the same time, coaches help managers ensure consistency and alignment of personal goals with organizational goals.

Burn-Out: When leaders place work above well-being, coaching steps in to create a culture of self-care.

Performance Objectives: How people assess, communicate and reward performance for individuals and teams can motivate or demotivate staff. Coaching helps people identify competencies and create motivational leadership development plans.

Empowerment: Morale issues and lack of trust emerge when people in power micromanage others. Creating a coaching culture empowers leaders at all levels where feedback becomes a two-way street.

Benefits of Organizational Coaching

  • Increases job satisfaction by building morale and trust.
  • Fosters self-awareness, listening and openness.
  • Reduces or eliminates negative reactions and backstabbing.
  • Promotes focused professional development.
  • Facilitates career advancement and succession planning.
  • Attracts, develops and retains talented leaders.
  • Fosters creativity, innovation and team spirit.

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